7 Jun

Recently, I found myself watching Family Guy  on FOX. I was enjoying the humor when all of a sudden, a shrill “beep!” noise erupted from my TV. No, this was not an issue with my speakers. This was a beep sent to me from the bastards at the FCC, who thought that the word “cock” was too offensive to omit on television. Honestly, the FCC pisses me off more than Jews piss off Mel Gibson. I have strong faith that the majority of America has said either “fuck,” “shit,” “cock,” or “nigger,” at least once in their lives. The popular Hip-Hop/Rap music nowadays features all of those words multiple times! Yet the FCC thinks it’s too inappropriate for America to hear. Here’s the deal—if you’re worried about your children hearing “naughty” language, then set the fucking parental controls on your TV, and make sure your kids aren’t watching South Park when they’re supposed to be watching Blue’s Clues. If you think the words are offensive, then think about everything offensive you do. If you think the “N” word is offensive, but you love rap, then wake the fuck up, genius. And if you’re religious, and you think that you’re being a bad Christian by hearing those words, then think about what you’re saying. According to you, every person who hears/says “fuck” is going to Hell? If that was the case, I’m eternally damned right now! Besides, to all you Catholics out there, your priest might tell you that swearing is against God’s will, but I don’t think God would give a thumbs up to fucking little boys. Suck it up, America, this is the 21st century. We are a strong, stable society, who happily accepts others differences in appearance and opinion… wait, our President is black, and part Muslim, but is still a supposed Christian? CONSPIRACY!

That’s how America is. We say we are accepting and kind, but I guarantee that people down south will talk some serious shit when a Mexican moves in down the street. We accept other’s religions, but have a deep hatred for those who believe in Mohammed. We aren’t racist, but we freak out about having a black president. And we hate swearing on television, but hate getting told off for swearing in real-life. Essentially, we are the new generation of hypocrites. That makes me so proud to live in, and be forced to love, this country. America, “beep!” you.

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