Interesting Facts About Censorship

6 May

Tomorrow, I will be talking about censorship. Before I do, however, I would just like to list some interesting facts about censorship as a preview of tomorrow’s post.

  • Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons are no longer sold without a warning at the beginning of the episode which states that there is potential racism and stereotypes in the cartoons. Like any little kid watching Speedy Gonzales will say, “Mom… do all Mexican people run fast and sound like Speedy Gonzales?”
  • Tom and Jerry is required to be censored for TV broadcast, because after an explosion it shows the character’s face burnt and black, which is considered racist. So, when a smoky bomb goes off in your face, your face turns… white?
  • People of the evangelical denomination of christianity are not allowed to watch SpongeBob SquarePants, for fear that he is a homosexual. I interpret this as if christians who say “God hates fags” are now saying “God hates animated sponges who are happy.”
  • Many Christian groups do not allow their followers to watch or read anything from the Harry Potter series. They somehow think that Harry Potter is an anti-religious series, and the characters are guilty of the sin of witchcraft and/or wizardry. First of all, didn’t people stop freaking out about witches and wizards in the 18th century or so? Also, where does the Harry Potter series have the slightest connection with religion?
  • TV shows must be censored if words such as “s***,” f***,” or “c***” are used. First off, wasn’t it kind of irritating to read the words when they are censored? It’s the same thing when they are replaced with a shrill beep. Also, what about freedom of speech? Is it okay to have that freedom removed when the President of the FCC says so?

Well, that’s just a preview. Stay tuned, for tomorrow the full blog on censorship will be revealed.

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